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What can the D4InfoNet management system do?

D4InfoNet is a digital management system that is particularly suitable for companies with high documentation and compliance requirements in relation to e.g. HACCP, ISO 22000, BRC and IFS.

A user-friendly web-based system that is designed to support both day-to-day operations and strategic quality work at all levels and in all parts of the organization.

D4InfoNet consists of flexible, user-friendly applications that can be adapted to individual requirements and which can be selected and deselected, depending on your company’s needs.

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Systematising quality management

Document management is D4InfoNet's cornerstone. Here, knowledge is collected and systematised in digital handbooks, allowing you to keep track of almost everything, such as processes, procedures, product specifications, guidelines and action plans. Management and employees are able to access documents and quality data from PC, tablet or mobile phone, and once they acknowledge that everything has been read and understood, it becomes possible to document compliance with HACCP, ISO 22000, BRC, IFS or other relevant quality and management standards and certifications. Search functions, traceability, version management, editor rights, etc. are all standard features.

Gain an overview and take control of every step

Supplier management, hygiene checks and registrations/entries of any kind can be collected, stored and systematised down to the smallest detail using D4InfoNet forms. Here, your paper forms are converted into digital forms, which allow you to follow and document all steps in a single process. At the same time, you can automate the sending of notifications etc., such as reminders. A superior tool for production optimisation, risk assessment, audits and non-conformities, as well as training and education etc.

Take a visual shortcut to central data

In D4InfoNet, you can build interactive and user-friendly flowcharts that provide a visual overview of e.g. business processes, workflows and value chains. You can go further into each step and gain quick access to various procedures and registration forms. In other words, it is a visual shortcut to central data. You can also give data access to external operators, such as laboratories and suppliers. Flowcharts are the common thread between sales, marketing, product development, purchasing, production and QA is cross-disciplinary processes, such as product portfolio adjustments. Everyone involved can follow the process, access data and documentation and see roles and responsibilities at each step. This produces leadership and management, with sharpened focus on efficiency and compliance.

A springboard for business-oriented quality management

Not only are food industry food safety and product quality requirements numerous and stringent, they can also be complex and competitive.

Changes to laws and standards and changing consumer trends are a condition, of doing business, so a company’s executive board and quality managers alike rely on reliable data, clear procedures and good communication across the organisation.

We have developed a digital management system called D4InfoNet, which creates the prerequisites for agile management and quality management in the food industry. This is a common focal point both in day-to-day operations and in the continuous development of your products and business.

In practice, the system supercharges paper forms and ring binders. It collects, systematises and visualises your quality data and documents. It streamlines processes and workflows and automates tasks, making it easy to share and use all the documentation you collect every day.

D4InfoNet lets you minimise and streamline reactive activities such as handling customer complaints and internal deviations, allowing you to ensure that quality and food safety are integrated across the organisation.

The system is also a stepping stone towards proactive and business-oriented quality management. It is a common thread between customer requirements and expectations, product development, supplier management and the production and delivery of food products to their respective markets. This allows you to ensure, improve and develop product quality and food safety throughout the entire value chain.

D4InfoNet helps you to create the framework for agile and efficient quality management in the food companies of tomorrow.

1. Alignment - effective and agile implementation of requirements and management decisions across the organisation

Strengthening and modernising the company’s quality management with a user-friendly digital system helps you gain an overview and control. You are able to streamline and automate processes across your organisation, down to the smallest detail. This ensures efficiency and compliance, allowing you to spend more energy on management and less on operations.

2. Simplicity - simple and digitised procedural approach to obtaining and using quality data

A smart, simple and flexible set-up with up-to-date data and shareable knowledge puts quality-related work into gear and out into the corners of your organisation. Understandable information and simple tools that are available online and on time, leading to improved decisions and a broader understanding of e.g. HACCP.

3. Transparency- clarity and transparency in the company’s quality performance

Transparent processes with a clear distribution of roles and responsibilities and clear KPIs create transparency. You can see the specific contexts and dependencies across different functions in the organisation, qualifying cooperation and decisions at all levels. The result is strong quality culture and trust in the company.

We can more easily prove that we have everything in check

“We have increased transparency and simplified quality management. This is not only important for IFS certification but also when we need to document our compliance with legal requirements and with the other control and labelling schemes that we are part of.”

"Certifications is a learning process that makes you smarter and better"

”In general, a good certification and auditing process is about openness and honesty that goes both ways. It’s not the enemy that comes to visit,” says quality assistant, Niels Ravn Schmidt from Easyfood A/S, which produces quality baked goods for Starbucks, McDonald’s and COOP

Ensures quick access
to key figures

D4InfoNet allows you to collect key figures so that you can collect, organise and present quantitative data from other applications in D4InfoNet, such as forms. You can also connect external systems, e.g. ERP systems.

When you have completed digital quality checks or other registrations in the value chain, you will automatically be presented with the result of the registration, plus a status of the defined quality objectives, including trends. This allows you to make quick and effective decisions.

Data is always up-to-date and you do not need to wait for file transfers or manual updates.

Fast access to KPIs ensures that you can effectively risk assess, evaluate and make decisions in key areas. It also paves the way for a common and broader understanding of HACCP and for work on deviations and improvements.

Advice and support all the way

Fast and easy implementation

D4InfoNet is browser-based software. This means that we can quickly and easily implement the applications on your server. This means that you avoid time-consuming installations for the individual employees. User segmentation, AD synchronisation and digital management of access conditions also simplify rights management and definition. We train a number of your staff as "super users" who can train other staff in use of the system.

Seamless integration

A flexible database structure means that D4InfoNet is easy to integrate with your company's other systems. This applies to financial systems, ERP systems, customer databases and Microsoft SharePoint solutions. The import and export of data is of course possible in both directions.

We are with you all the way

We take pride in providing personal service and support of a high standard, making it our primary task to ensure that your daily work runs as smoothly as possible.

D4 itself is certified in DS/EN ISO 90001:2015 AND DS/ISO/IEC 27001:2017

These two standards stands for quality and information security – two elements we value highly. Whether it is about our management system, applications, development or service.

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