Makes it easy to do the right thing

Are you considering establishing a whistleblower scheme to catch and prevent errors and irregularities in your organisation? D4Whistler is an obvious place to start.

By 2023, private companies with more than 50 employees will be required to establish whistleblower schemes. This has been decided by the EU, and with D4Whistler you can make sure you’re ready with a secure and professional scheme in a short time.

You can act proactively

D4Whistler is a web-based solution in which employees, business partners or others can anonymously notify management about matters that are illegal, unethical or contrary to internal guidelines. This enables you to act proactively and address unwanted circumstances in the company.

Good reasons to choose D4Whistler

  • The whistleblower remains 100% anonymous
  • You can attach photos and documents
  • A high level of security protects the sender
  • D4 provides the technical set-up
  • GDPR rules on registering personal data breaches are observed
  • Section 35 of the Danish Money Laundering Act on anonymous reporting is supported
  • D4Whistler can also be used for well-being measurements with anonymous replies, for example.

Secure Handling of Information

Cost for D4Whistler

D4Whistler is offered at a competitive cost. The cost for a standard setup incl. 1-hour adjustment: 690,- Euro (one-time payment for setup) *
Annual license: 690,- Euro

D4Whistler is quick to establish, so contact us today and hear more about how D4Whistler can help you establishing a whistleblower solution that can match the EU-directive and the upcoming Danish legislation.

*If more than an hour is spent, the start-up price may vary. We always adapt the solution to the company’s needs.

Whistleblower pris

Secure Handling of Information

D4Whistler enables full anonymity and creates the conditions for you to handle inquiries securely and confidentially in your organisation. The system does not log data on either the sender or the information being sent, and submissions cannot be traced to the sender if he or she wishes to remain anonymous. The solution supports the requirements set down in section 35 of the Danish Act on Money Laundering (Hvidvasklovens § 35) regarding anonymous reporting, and D4Whistler also ensures that personal data is processed in accordance with GDPR.

A professional solution in a short time

D4Whistler is simple to set up. When you’re ready, send us the necessary information – and we’ll take care of the technical set-up.
You can access D4Whistler anywhere – e.g. on the intranet, on your website or as a tab in D4InfoNet. We can work out the details.

Whistleblower system

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